The 10 commitments

This is what we stand for:

  1. We will pursue reason and rationality above faith and assumption
  2. We base all premise on the scientific method
  3. Children must be protected from indoctrination and be given the opportunity to establish their own paths.
  4. We will strive for secular institutions
  5. Our goals is to support businesses that pursue a secular agenda
  6. We will share our knowledge with others so that they may see the light
  7. Our approach is one where individuals deserve respect but their institutions may not
  8. We believe humans are part nature but do not have dominion over other forms of life
  9. Ethics should be based on the theory of progress
  10. We intend to place a science book in every hotel room in the world
A human future through freethinking, rationality, reason and science.


Science does not know all the answers, but it has the only answers we know..

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Warning: If you are afraid of science, reason and facts, this may not be for you!

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