Anti-religion Memes

These anti-religion memes speak to the dangers of blindly following various faiths. They may be slanted towards Christianity but that is the religion that has had the greatest impact on my life. They are not meant to attack people, but the religions themselves. Blind faith in earthly doctrines has caused untold pain and ignorance over thousands of years and continues to do so today.

Anti-religion Memes

Indoctrination of children

Christianity: There is something horribly wrong about teaching children that because of something they've done, someone else had to die on a cross. 

Having grown up in the Catholic Church, there was an ever-present sense of guilt for things I had done or even things I might do.

Saved from religion

Religion vs Reason. 

This is the feeling of deconversion.

Losing faith - gaining reason

I didn't lose my faith...
...I gained my reason.

It's all about perspective. Critical thinking, not blind faith, should be what we teach every child. 

Religion: A blunt instrument

Religion and Children.

Every child should be afforded the freedom to choose their own path without fear of damnation!

Religion: A wolf in sheep's clothing

A rare photo of Religion in its natural habitat!.

Religion does its best to appear peaceful and harmless and yet how many of the world's conflicts are as a result of religious intolerance?

Where the gods are buried

Cemetery of the gods.
Yours is next..

Every religion alive today will go the same way sooner or later. Sadly, mankind will probably replace them with new ones.

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