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A collection of atheist memes I have created. I'd love to hear your comments. Feel free to use them but please leave the memes as you find them (including the SkepticHeretic logo). Special thanks go to Pixabay and Pexels for most of the images used. The views expressed in these memes are my own and whilst most of them are attributable to atheists I am by no means suggesting that all quotes were deliberately used in a religious or atheist context.

Funny: Skeptic Heretic

Funny Memes

A collection of humorous memes. I'm sure not everyone would find them amusing, but I guess that's the point!

Anti-religion: Skeptic Heretic

Anti-religion Memes

Taking on some of the ridiculous notions of many religions, particularly those that have a direct impact on life and people outside of religion!

Secular: Skeptic Heretic

Secularism Memes

Keep religion out of government, public institutions, universities and schools (except for in the history lessons).

Quote: Voltaire

Atheist Quotes

These are quotes which have meaning for me and I believe will have relevance to atheists.

Science: Skeptic Heretic

Science Memes

Interesting memes relating to science (and many to the debates that rage between religion and science).


Carl Sagan on celibacy in the clergy

Carl Sagan Quote - Celibate Clergy

Whilst watching some old interviews with a few of the most well know atheists, I came across this quote from Carl Sagan. I immediately got some feedback from my followers, a couple of whom, were not comfortable with ANY form of sexual suppression (glenndale69 and jungleranger). I would have to agree and certainly don't think that a celibate priesthood leads to a healthy environment, a belief which is born out to be well-founded, based on the number of scandals plaguing the Catholic Church in particular!

I suspect that Carl was being very much tongue-in-cheek when he made this quote and can completely understand the sentiment...

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