Funny Atheist Memes

A collection of funny atheist memes I have created. I'd love to hear your comments. Feel free to use them but please leave the memes as you find them (including the SkepticHeretic logo.). I will be changing the format of these memes, to add a little context around what I was thinking when each. one was created. Some are inspired by the great ideas and comments from the leading atheists of our time.

Funny Atheist Memes

God in the brain

The three wise men arrive at the birthplace of god.

Even if there is some kind of creator of all of this, it's certainly not what we imagine it to be,

Hell vs Mordor

What is the similarity between Hell and Mordor?

Just because it appears in a book, it doesn't make it real.

God's vulnerability

Superhero vulnerabilities:
Superman - Kryptonite
Thor - Losing his Hammer
God - Critical Thinking.

Teach our kids to think critically!

Prayer doesn't make sense

God agonizes over where to help out next.

The cognitive dissonance of those who believe in the power of prayer never ceases to amaze me.

Religious Books - the greatest works of fiction

Fantasy books for Kids - Fantasy books for Adults.

There is plenty of good material to support the fallible nature of the bible and other religious books.  

More powerful than god

I feel so powerful today! I have created a meme and during that time god has literally done nothing..

If you have any evidence of the direct involvement of god in our lives, feel free to post it below! 🙂

Prayer doesn't make sense

God, waiting for something bad to happen before he steps in...

Does the creator of the universe need to wait for us to ask for something before stepping in?

Prayer doesn't make sense

Oh god, thank you for helping me win my tennis match!.

The ridiculous notion that god gets involved in our petty pursuits. Cognitive dissonance at its best.

God - invisible because he doesn't exist.

Why is god invisible?

God seemed to do a great job of popping in and out of the lives of people a few thousand years ago. Why has he gone into hiding??

God and Santa

There's a magical man in the sky that listens to what you need!

Old men with long white beards. Both would seem to be imaginary, although one is a lot more fun!

Creating gods (or monsters)

Oh Bollocks! ...when the god you've created gets free...

History shows that the gods we create are dangerous beings!

Has god really written any books?

Books written by god. Books written by man. Co-authorships.

If god has written any books, we haven't found them yet.

Does god have writer's block?

God has the ultimate writer's block. 2000 years and he has yet to release the sequel..

I cannot comprehend how there are so many people who believe this is a book written by god.

Santa vs God

Santa vs God!

Children grow out of believing in Santa. Somehow, many make it to adulthood without shaking the superstition of religion.

Atheist Anagrams - Religion

Isn't this the most wonderful irony? An anagram of "religion" is "I, leg iron".

For millennia, religion has effectively bound people in leg irons, limiting freedom and progress.

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