Book Review:

Book Review: Why There Is No God

by Armin Navabi

Book review for Armin Navabi's "Why There IS No God"
by Armin Navabi

Why There Is No God

The author summarises my view of this book in the introduction. It makes a good read for those who are new to atheism or those who are curious about the arguments that atheists and the religious put forward in debate.

There is nothing earth-shattering in the content. However it does a good job of covering the key counter-arguments to the usual challenges that most atheists will have encountered before. Each counter is laid out in a a structured approach. They cover topics ranging from "the burden of proof" and "scripture as proof" to "morality" and "the complexity of life".

The thing I enjoyed most about reading "Why There Is No God" is that the author, Armin Navabi, is an ex muslim. Most such books that I have encountered have been written by ex-christians. Navabi bring a lot of Islamic context to the discussion which is refreshing.

Having the book on hand would be a useful source of reference when needed. But, if you are an experienced atheist, don't expect any revelations.


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