The top 10 Books for Skeptics

If you are someone who asks questions about everything around you, we have selected a great list of the top books for skeptics like you. In this collection some of the world’s leading scientists and academics challenge established beliefs in thought-provoking fashion.

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books for skeptics
by Carl Sagan

1. The Demon-Haunted World

Sagan challenges western education systems and the lack of focus on scientific studies. He fearlessly attacks pseudoscience in all its forms and questions a world where crystals, auras and astrology attract more attention than geology, medicine and astronomy. This is our number one choice in the top 10 books for skeptics.

books for skeptics
by Israel Finkelstien and Neil Asher Silberman

2. The Bible Unearthed

The authors reference a vast knowledge of archeology in compiling a book which seeks to separate biblical fact from fiction. The Bible Unearthed examines biblical stories ranging from Exodus to David and compares these to what the evidence tells us.

books for skeptics
by John W. Loftus

3. Why I Became an Atheist

John W. Loftus, once an evangelical Christian and preacher, candidly talks about his journey from Christianity to Atheism in this insightful book. Addressing all the challenges and questions along his journey, he paints a compelling picture for others to follow.

books for skeptics
by Isaac Asimov

4. Asimov’s Guide to the Bible

As always, this brilliant author, brings a new dimension to the Bible with his very methodical approach to put the bible into its historical context. He examines why much of the bible doesn’t appear in historical texts and vice versa. Possibly the most comprehensive study of the biblical texts every undertaken.

books for skeptics
by Richard Dawkins

5. The God Delusion

Richard Dawkins, the scientist and philosopher, pulls no punches as he takes on god and religion in The God Delusion. Unlike many other authors who are more tolerant of individuals’ personal choices Dawkins provides no place to hide for the religious.

books for skeptics
by Carl Sagan

6. Pale Blue Dot

Carl Sagan beautifully crafted masterpiece Pale Blue Dot, describes the future of our species and our fragile planet. He examines mankind’s role in their destruction and stewardship and considers our options for a future in space.

books for skeptics
by Christopher Hitchens

7. God is not Great

A great review of the major religious texts to highlight their obvious flaws and inconsistencies. Hitches promotes a preferred secular option and his desire of a world based on science and not medieval beliefs.

books for skeptics
by Mary Roach

8. Spook: Science Tackles the Afterlife

Mary Roach takes a fresh look at the topic of the afterlife. She looks at a number of experiments and contemporary research taking place to understand whether there is proof of any existence after this one!

books for skeptics
by Bill Nye

9. Undeniable

In this brilliant book, Bill Nye introduces the concepts associated with evolution and the scientific view of creation. He tackles some of the religious proponents of young earth creationism (YEC) with well constructed arguments, and hard evidence.

Books for Skeptics | Skeptic - Michael Shermer
by Michael Shermer

10. Skeptic: Viewing the World with a Rational Eye

Completing our top 10 books for skeptics list is a compilation of essays by Michael Shermer (written for his column in Scientific American) in which he debunks pseudoscience in all its forms. This book is great for anyone who loves science and in particular for us skeptics!

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